Fede Saenz ( b. 1976 ) Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Since 2004 Fede lives in New york
"The idea of opening new possibilities is an important element in my work, where there was only monotony a contrasting situation will arise exploring the unknown and pushing the boundaries of what is accepted as the ”norm”.
2015 - Northside Festival, Williamsburg, NY
2014 - Clerkenwell Design Week, London, UK
2014 - Salón ACME, Wythe Hotel, NY
2013 - OSLO Gallery, Williamsburg, NY
2012 - SIN TITULO, RIO de LUZ Gallery, Chinatown, NY
2012 - Open Studio, Shelter Gallery, Williamsburg, NY
2011 - MISTERIOSO, The Chinatown Loft, New York, NY
2018 Aesthetica magazine
2015, The Selby, online
2014, Casa Brutus Magazine n158
2013, Surface magazine n102
2012, Digital Temple magazine Pose issue
2011, Freunde von Freunden, online
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