Fede Saenz (Federico Saenz-Recio) born in 1976 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is a American-Argentinean artist living in Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY.

His work explores the Basics and investigates Simplicity, bringing attention to the coexistence of contradicting worlds, control vs organic, one coming from fear, the other from love.

Fede studied at the Architecture & Design University of Buenos Aires. F.A.D.U. 2003



July 2016  Galleria FAC, Italy

April 2016 Centro de arte Sabrina Espor, Spain

June 2015 - Northside Festival, NY

June 2014 - Wythe Hotel, NY

June 2013 - Oslo Gallery, NY

June 2012 - Misterioso, Chinatown Loft, NY

April 2011 - Misterioso, Chinatown Loft, NY